MaxTab Features

Beautiful slim and modern design. Extremly light & easy to carry everywhere you go. Fast Dual Core processor & great battery life. Thousands of free apps. You will love it after first use.

So light & so powerful

maxtab slim design
With 338 g this is the lightest device in its class. Weight is important. After 3 hous of use, while holding it in one hand, every single gram matters.

Slim & modern multi color design

 Only 12 mm thick, 117 mm wide - it fits perfectly in your hand. 3 colors available for your choice - RED, WHITE & BLACK. It will be a pleasure using it and a pleasure carring it arround with you, everywheree you go. It is a fancy fasion accessory as well as a portable computer.
 maxtab 3color1

 7h90x220  chip220x90  wifi90x220  usb90x220

7 hours of use

Extremly battery friendly device. 50% better than others.*

Dual Core A9 chip

2x times faster then Cortex A8 processor on same frequency

WiFi b/g/n

Broadcom IEEE 802.11 N wireleless receiver - extra long range

3G USB ready

Connect your 3G USB modem, and stay online without WiFi coverage**

maxtab market430x275

maxtab market

Android Market is preinstalled

Find the application that you need, using installed Google Android Market. Over 200.000 apps are available.


maxtab app_marEasy Transition

If you have your favourite iOS apps on your iPhone, there is no need to use something else on MaxTab Tablet  - you can find most of those apps on Android Market and the are mostly free. Same developers, same apps, but free (free apps usualy show Google Ads). You can also sync content troguh Google Contacts, Google Documents, Dropbox, directly (depending on application), etc.

maxtab multitouch90x220 maxtab gyro maxtab bt90x220 maxtab webcam90x220 

5 Point Multi Touch


Bluetooth 2.1

Integrated WebCam

Completly natural interaction of humain and machine.

Rotate MaxTab portrait or landscape or even upside down, screen will follow***

For easy connestion to your other mobile devices

Instant messageing and chatting is better face to face****

maxtab flash_html5 maxtab gps_satellite maxtab gps tablet

There are thousands apps taged with "GPS" available on Android Market. Use them on your boat, in your car or even in your plane

Flash & HTML5

GPS Receiver

Perfect internet browsing expirience. Full compatibility with Flash and HTML5 loaded pages. Browse internet like you used to on your PC or MAC. Expirience more possabilities with embeded GPS receiver in MaxTab. Choose GPS software according to your needs and preference.

maxtab social networks maxtab mp3_hdmi
Stay always connected to your friends, share your expireience, thoughts, photos. Just a touch away Use MaxTab as MP3 player or connect it with HDMI to TV and watch HD movies on bigger screen